Web 2.0 Application on Tomcat

PLEASE NOTE:  This assignment is listed here for archival purposes only; the actual assignment will be posted to the course website at 4830.ryannedolan.info/projects

Write a web application that uses server-side mashing.  You should deploy a Java servlet to Tomcat and use an XML, Atom/RSS, or JSON API to mash data from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or any other web service.  You must pull at least two types of data (ex. web search, map search, image search etc), but both can be from the same site.

Specifically, you must send information from one source to the other to make a real mash-up.  It is not sufficient just to show results from two independent searches, for example.

You may use AJAX, or you may have your servlet return static HTML if you wish.  HINT: taking the AJAX approach might save you time later.

Part of your mash-up may just be visual, for example you could use Google's Chart API to show results from Yahoo's Finance API.  In this case, information from Yahoo would be sent to Google, Google would plot the data, and your app would display the results.

Submission Procedure

Since you are using Tomcat (and not a custom server) for this project, do not use a separate port for this project.  Instead, configure your web app to serve pages from virtualNN.cs.missouri.edu:8180/project5