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(Massively Multiplayer Online ASCII Art Game!)

Make a game that runs in a terminal.  It must allow any number of players to play over a network connection.  Do not limit your game to a maximum number of players -- your game should be designed to handle hundreds of players if they connect.

You'll need to submit your game as usual, but don't specify a test target (just submit the code).  You'll demo your games in class near the end of the semester.

You can work in a group if you'd like.

Some considerations:
  • You will probably want to use ncurses but it's not required.
  • You can use TCP/IP or UDP/IP:
    • If you use TCP, you can base your server on the previous project (sans the shell part).  Your client can just be telnet/nc, or you can write your own client with ncurses.
    • If you use UDP, you'll need to write your own client.  Here's two approaches:
      • UDP client/server: your server maintains a global "game state" which is continuously broadcast to all clients, say every 100 milliseconds.  Each client displays the game state to the user and accepts input.  When a client makes a "move", it sends a UDP datagram describing the move to the server.  The server changes the game state accordingly.
      • UDP peer-to-peer: Each peer keeps track of its own info, e.g. the player's position and health. This info is continuously broadcast to all other peers.
      • In either case, players can try to move at the same time (a race condition) and UDP datagrams can be lost or dropped.  If this is a problem for your game, don't use UDP!
  • You'll very likely need to use multithreading and synchronization for this project.
I'll attach some examples (below) as the semester progresses.
Ryanne Dolan,
Apr 19, 2012, 11:28 PM
Ryanne Dolan,
Apr 20, 2012, 1:52 AM