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CS 4520: Operating Systems

Office Hours

TA: Ashutosh Mishra in EBW 250: 
Tuesday      : 10:00 am to 12:00noon
Wednesday  : 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Thursday     : 11:00am to 1:00pm


  • basics of computer architecture
  • multiprogramming and process management
  • task scheduling
  • multiprocessor systems
  • memory management
  • I/O management
  • window and tab management (just kidding)

Course Website




This is largely a project-based class.  There will also be a midterm and final.


All projects will be detailed on the course website.  I'll announce them in class.  You are allowed to collaborate with your peers on all assignments, but your code must be your own.  In other words, I encourage you to share resources and techniques, but copying without citation is considered CHEATING and will get you a failing grade and possibly disciplinary actions.  If you copy-paste code snippets from a friend, website, textbook, or other reference, you must cite the original author with in-line comments.  At least a majority of the code you submit should be original.


All submitted code must be well-organized and documented.  Furthermore, your programs should interactively document themselves.  This includes:
  • in-line comments as appropriate
  • in-line citations of borrowed code or algorithms
  • your name somewhere
  • a 'HELP' command where appropriate
  • a '--help' and '-h' flag to provide usage information
  • meaningful error messages


Project grades will be largely pass/fail.  If your project meets the requirements, you will get full points.  If it fails to satisfy a major requirement, it may be rejected entirely.  Points will be deducted for minor problems.  In order to receive full credit, the project must be submitted on time; however, late assignments will always be accepted for partial credit.  In general, you will score more points by submitting a working project late than a non-functional project on-time.

Assigned Projects

The following is subject to change, but will give you an idea of things to come:
  • implement a UNIX shell in C
  • multi-threaded something-or-other

Obligatory Statements

Academic Dishonesty

Academic integrity is fundamental to the activities and principles of a university. All members of the academic community must be condent that each person's work has been responsibly and honorably acquired, developed, and presented. Any effort to gain an advantage not given to all students is dishonest whether or not the effort is successful. The academic community regards breaches of the academic integrity rules as extremely serious matters. Sanctions for such a breach may include academic sanctions from the instructor, including failing the course for any violation, to disciplinary sanctions ranging from probation to expulsion. When in doubt about plagiarism, paraphrasing, quoting, collaboration, or any other form of cheating, consult the course instructor.


If you need accommodations because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please inform me immediately. Please see me privately after class.

To request academic accommodations (for example, a note-taker), students must also register with the Office of Disability Services, (http://disabilityservices.missouri.edu), S5 Memorial Union, 882-4696. It is the campus oce responsible for reviewing documentation provided by students requesting academic accommodations, and for accommodations planning in cooperation with students and instructors, as needed and consistent with course requirements. For other MU resources for students with disabilities, click on "Disability Resources" on the MU homepage.

Intellectual Pluralism

The University community welcomes intellectual diversity and respects student rights. Students who have questions concerning the quality of instruction in this class may address concerns to either the Departmental Chair or Divisional leader or Director of the Oce of Students Rights and Responsibilities (http://osrr.missouri.edu/). All students will have the opportunity to submit an anonymous evaluation of the instructor at the end of the course.

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